Lagoon Waste Clearance

Using our experience within the tank cleaning and waste removal industry, we have branched out our services to a variety of pond and lagoon clearance settings. We utilise our extensive range of technology to treat the sludge / water mixture from the lagoon site whilst ensuring our processes create a positive and safe impact on the environment.

What is Lagoon Waste Clearance?

Lagoons are pond like bodies of water or basins, designed to receive, hold and treat wastewater for a period of time. Over a long period of time, a build-up of waste material and grime occurs and eventually has negative effect on the treatment of waste water and requires clearance.

It is our aim to ensure all processes and methods contribute to reducing the impact on the environment.

Our promise to you

How we can help you with lagoon waste clearance.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, we have provided business leading solutions and processes to a range of remediation and demolition contractors.